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Facebook's Algorithm

By Adam  |  2 Aug 2015 19:00:00

Facebook is one of the biggest social media outlets and, arguably, the most popular. Furthermore, it is also a huge part of the social media marketing scene and if a business is on only one social media site, it will probably be Facebook. I've written about Facebook's potential as a marketing tool before and it would definitely be worth your time to give that post a read if you haven't done so yet. You should make good use of Facebook as it is free to use and a great way to keep in touch with your customers.


However, there is one very important thing to remember and that's the fact that Facebook's newsfeed algorithm is constantly changing. Facebook likes to make their website work as optimally as possible and are always striving to improve their customer experience. What users see through their Facebook newsfeeds, therefore, is constantly changing based on changes to the algorithm and their own actions on the site. What’s also changing is the way to reach customers with your posts. Sadly, the changes are generally for the worse; Facebook realise that people are using their service for something, so they change their service to make it trickier to do that and then offer to do it for you for a price.


So I am just writing this to make sure that you know that this is something you need to always be conscious of. Keep on top of Facebook updates and make sure that you aren't doing something which, after a change, will actually mean that less people see it. When used efficiently, you can keep in touch with your old customers and even reach new customers! You just need to be aware of its algorithms. But if you have yet to start your eCommerce website, sign up to Sellr now! It is completely free.


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