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Facebook's Dislike Button

By Adam  |  23 Sep 2015 18:00:00

For years, Facebook users have said that they would like a 'dislike' button to be added to the service. For those who're unfamiliar, let me explain: Facebook features a 'like' button so that every time something is posted on Facebook, people who see it get the chance to 'like' it. This can be a good way for people to express what it is that they are interested in. When somebody 'likes' something then it also appears in the newsfeeds of everyone on their friend list and it is essentially a way for people to express their approval of something without having to take the time to write out a comment. But some people, perhaps the more cynical Facebook users, have often requested the addition of a 'dislike' button and now, it's finally happening.


The reason that a 'dislike' option is finally being added after all these years is that when people have experienced something which has caused them to be unhappy, they will write a status about it. For example, someone might write "I've been feeling really upset today" in the hopes that they will receive some support from their many friends on Facebook. However, when those friends see the sad post, they are likely to question whether it is really appropriate for them to press a button which indicates that they 'like' its content. Therefore, because of the way that Facebook works, people may not get the support they need. The 'dislike' button has been added so that people can express solidarity in those situations.


The concern is that the system will be abused and people will just use the 'dislike' button in order to spread negativity. As of yet, it remains unclear of how exactly it will work, but we can expect its implementation soon. What does this mean for those of you who are using Facebook as a tool for social media marketing? Well, it might actually be quite beneficial. If a post has an unusually large number of people who have clicked the 'dislike' button on it, then that will tell you that there is something wrong with it. You'll now be given an even clearer perspective about what is and what is not effective marketing (more so than you get from the ‘like’ button alone) and hopefully this will help you to enhance and refine your strategies which will in turn help to drive sales.


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