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Facebook's See First System

By Adam  |  17 Aug 2015 15:00:00

Facebook is always being changed and updated, usually in ways which make it harder for businesses to use for marketing. One of the most recent additions is the new See First feature which allows users to choose which pages' content they 'see first' in their news feed. You might think that this sounds like quite a nice and pleasant addition to that social networking website, but actually, it was probably made with making money (off of people like you) in mind.


People can now choose which pages' posts they want to see first. Who do you think they'll pick? Obviously their friends, their family and maybe co-workers. But they aren't going to pick your business, are they? Well, I mean, I guess there is a tiny chance that they will, but most probably they will not. This is therefore going to reduce the visibility of your posts. You see, Facebook likes to charge people to use it for marketing and, as it was already fairly good for doing that for free, they keep adding updates which improve certain other features while also making it harder to do social media marketing. Paying them is quite a good way to reach new people, but you have to ask yourself whether you really want to be spending money on that. It certainly might be worth it in the long run, but I'd avoid doing so unless you've got some interesting content to share (to hook people in).


So with that in mind, maybe you shouldn't use the See First feature; you want to be seeing the posts of the businesses you support and you don't want to limit their outreach! It's really not all that useful anyway, as you can easily just visit your friends specific feeds if you want to see what they've posted! I hope this news won't be disheartening; social media marketing is still important and can still be effective! This is just another hurdle that Facebook has thrown in your path.


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