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Free Photo Editing Software from Paint.NET

By Adam  |  27 Apr 2016 12:00:00

If you want to start up an eCommerce website, then one thing you will need to have is some good photo editing software. You'll need something substantial if you're going to have a high-quality logo and other things like that and if you don't have those little pieces of graphic design around your site, then it's going to look less professional and if it looks less professional then people are going to be less likely to make a purchase from your site - after all, people aren't likely to trust an unprofessional site with their card details!


Most computers will come with Microsoft Paint, which is alright, but you'll struggle to produce anything special with it. But what you might like to look into is Paint.NET which is a piece of open source photo editing software. It's quite a comprehensive package and it offers an intuitive design and very useful features such as layering. It's also one of the fastest pieces of image manipulation software too, which means that it shouldn't slow down your computer too much or waste too much of your time when you do need to make something snazzy for your site.


Of course, not everybody has graphic design skills and so some will struggle to make something good with Paint.NET. However, as it is free, you could just experiment a little every now and then until you get confident enough to put together something simple and professional. Otherwise you might just want to think about hiring somebody to handle your graphic design needs - graphic designers are always looking for more work! So I hope that gives you a good idea of something you can be doing to help to make your eCommerce website look a little more professional. If you don't even have an eCommerce website yet then sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all!


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