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By Adam  |  6 Aug 2015 19:00:00

If you want your website to look attractive, you're going to want to have photographs (and not just photographs of the product either). You can't just do a quick search on Google Images to get your pictures, because you never know what kind of copyright issues surround them. So what can you do? Well, it could be a good idea to take your own pictures; if you have photography skills, you should put them to good use! But not everybody is that good at photography...


If you're not sure what to do, then a good service to turn to could be PublicDomainPictures have a vast selection of free to use images and are increasing their numbers every day. You just search for whatever it is that you're looking for and then use whichever picture you think is most appropriate. Check their descriptions though, as not all of them are free to use for commercial purposes. What's worth considering though, is that you might have many non-commercial uses for them: if you use Sellr just to run a blog, then you'd be fine to use them in your posts, and if you do content marketing with your eCommerce website (which will also require images) then you can also use them without worry (since content marketing is technically an editorial thing, rather than a commercial one).


So I hope that was a useful piece of information for you. Every website needs to have images, because without them, they would just look like a boring collection of blocks of text. Even if you have the most exciting business, or the most deeply fascinating website, if you don't have any images, people might just click the 'back' button after seeing something they think looks unappealing. Pictures break things up and make them easier to digest. Why not take a look on their website right now and see if there's anything which could aid you and your site?


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