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"Google Translater" and Keyword Searches

By Adam  |  20 Jul 2015 22:00:00

I know what you're thinking, "My goodness! Sellr has put out a blog post with a typo in the title. How unprofessional!" but the truth is that that typo was an intentional one. I thought it best to put in quotation marks though, just so there was less risk of somebody seeing what they thought was an error and condemning the blog without even reading it!


So why have I written a blog post about the erroneously spelled "Google Translater"? Well, I want to give you a tip about writing a blog on your eCommerce website. When you're writing your blog, what you're really doing is content marketing and the idea of content marketing is to get people to find your website by having a lot of content... Content which has titles that might get searched for. In this specific case, I put "Google Translater" into the title because I know that that is a common misspelling of Google Translator, which is itself the misremembered name of Google Translate and, of course, Google Translate is of interest to people in the world of eCommerce, because of the fact that it can translate entire websites. I wrote a full blog post on that before.


The point of this blog post is to give you an example of content marketing and to show you how to work these key words into the titles of your blog posts. Now we at Sellr will be able to reach more people with our helpful blog when somebody accidentally searches for "Google Translater" instead of "Google Translate" and the link in this post will bring them to exactly the thing they want to see anyway, so we're not wasting anybody's time.


So when you're putting your blog together have a long think about the things that people who are looking for your business will also be looking for and then make a blog post about it so that you can be sure to catch their eye. With us the connection was that we knew the Google Translate widget was popular amongst eCommerce people and we knew that "Google Translater" was one of the most common miss-typings of Google Translate, so we used this post to find people who are searching for it.

I'm sorry if this blog post seems a bit 'on the nose' but it seemed like the perfect way to teach about keywords! What better way is there to learn than through another's example, after all? To conclude, it is important to get key words into the titles of your content, but you still need to have substance to everything you post. But if marketing is ahead of you and you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, then sign up for Sellr now!


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