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Having Multiple Email Accounts

By Adam  |  12 Feb 2016 12:00:00

How many email accounts do you have? I think that for people running an eCommerce website (like you do) three would be a good number. Firstly, I think it would be a good idea to have one email address which is for all your personal uses; you'd email friends with this, have it connected to your personal social media pages and so forth. Secondly, it would be good to have one for your business enquiries; a perfect place to manage your emails from customers and other businesses. So what would the third be? Well, actually, a third email address would be a useful thing to have for marketing and research purposes.


How can an email address help you with marketing and research? Well, it would be a good idea if you were to sign up to the newsletters of your competitor businesses and industry authorities. By doing this you'll be able to keep up to date with everything your rivals are doing, which might then give you ideas for what you could be doing too. Are they offering a certain new product? Well, maybe you could do that and a little more too! Maybe they've got a really clever marketing idea for a holiday; maybe you could try and springboard of that towards an even better idea. This is also a great way to keep up with news stories and blog posts which might then be appropriate to cover on your own blog - a great idea-resource for content marketing! You may also be interested in setting up lots of Google Alerts too, ones for your business, your competitors and just general keywords that relate to your business, and then that would be yet another great resource of content for your blog!


So you should definitely think about how opening additional email addresses for multiple uses when running your eCommerce website - it could be very handy! But if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, then sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all. With absolutely nothing to lose, you may as well give it a try.


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