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How Artists Can Make Money From an eCommerce Website

By Adam  |  5 Aug 2015 15:00:00

Have you ever painted before? Do you dabble with art in your free time? Perhaps it is even your life's passion? If so, wouldn't it be great to be able to make some money from the art that you create? When people think of eCommerce, they probably think of people buying things cheap from one place and then trying to sell them for a profit and while that standard business idea is commonly used for eCommerce businesses, it is also not uncommon for independent artists to make a living off their skills.


So what would be a good way of going about setting up an art-based eCommerce website? Well, to use Sellr as our reference point, you could quickly set up your account here and then choose the website template which best reflects you and your art. Then, once you've filled in all the little pieces of text across your website, you can start to list your products. Now, as an artist, you might be very attached to your work, so you might not wish to sell your originals, but if you could make high quality copies, or even make pieces specifically to be sold (which you won't have a strong attachment to), then these would be good products to list for sale. You could even make copies for yourself of the pictures destined for sale, if you're keen to keep track of everything you create.


But where you stand to make the most money as an artist with an eCommerce website is through commissions. One of the listings on your website could be to a blank canvas (or there could be a few of them in different sizes) and you could just let the customers ask you to create whatever they want. People like personalised pieces of work, and a piece of art made specifically for them is something that will be very attractive to some. Of course, as an artist, you might not want to just produce 'anything' and so it would be reasonable if you made it clear that you will refund anyone whose ideas you are not willing to take up, or even to just not accept any payment until you have decided (which is probably the better idea). How much you charge for your talents is down to you, but it would be good to start lower and to slowly bring it up, once you have established yourself.


Being an artist, you could also use our blog feature as a kind of portfolio for all of the work you have done before. This would be great for content marketing purposes and could make the whole website into a nice hub for you as a professional artist. It could be the perfect way to get your artistic career started, so why not sign up for Sellr now and get that show on the road? It won't cost you a thing.


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