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How Marketing Ties Together

By Adam  |  23 Aug 2015 18:00:00

There are lot of different marketing techniques out there; social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing are the three that users of Sellr are most likely to use in order to promote their eCommerce websites. But while each of those three are distinct concepts and very different, there is a lot of crossover between them. When used well, they can all feed into each other and they will all grow as a result. So if you're doing them all, but you're not really doing much overlap with them, then read on! In this blog post I am going to show you how each of these marketing strategies should be connected.


So, let's start with social media marketing; this is probably where most people start and is probably the easiest one to do. On social media you'll be posting things regularly to keep your existing customers and your prospects interested and interacting directly with customers too. You'll also be using social media to share pieces of content you created for content marketing purposes. Being shared on social media helps people to see your piece of content; meanwhile, having lots of content might draw attention to your website. Somebody who is doing a general search for the subjects that interest them might find one of your blog posts; if they looked at a few more posts, you might also have a post about your social media presence, so your content marketing can bring people to your social media as well. Then, of course, with your email marketing, you can include links to your social media outlets in every email you send out and you could easily talk about your blog in newsletters. Then, to wrap it all around, you can ask people if they'd like to be added to your mailing list over social media and in content marketing!


So, basically, you can market your marketing with your marketing! I hope that will give you some ideas for the future and that your marketing will prove to be successful and to bring you lots of new customers. Sellr gives you all the tools you need to implement content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing strategies and if you don't have a Sellr account yet, why not sign up now? It is completely free to do so.


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