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How to Avoid Spam Emails

By Adam  |  26 Nov 2015 10:00:00

At the start of each day, it's nice to ease yourself into work by leisurely going over the emails in your inbox. You'll doubtlessly have a lot of emails which are important to read and to reply to, but you'll probably also find that you have a huge number of spam emails. Of course, you can delete your spam emails quite easily, but it's still frustrating and they might not all be identifiable as spam right away. A lot of spam will go straight into your spam box, but sadly not all of it. In today's blog post, I'd like to talk to you about one method for avoiding spam emails.


When you get a telemarketing call, you probably aren't going to want to speak to them, so you'll probably give them a reason that you can't talk and then you'll probably be asked whether you'd mind giving them your email. To keep them happy, and maybe because you feel a bit of guilt for not talking to them before, you give out your email address. Sometime later, you find an email telling you about how good this product is, and you don't really want to write a reply. A few weeks later you'll get another email, asking if you got the first and you'll become annoyed that they keep pestering you.


So what you might like to do is create an email address especially for things like this. Maybe if you make and then literally never use it, you can give out this address to websites and businesses which will almost certainly only send you spam. The internet is full of websites and services which require you to give them an email address before you use them, and with this 'junk' email address, you never have to worry about getting spam again! You can then save your main email address for the important things.  I hope this is a useful piece of advice for you.


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