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How to Do Telesales

By Adam  |  4 Sep 2015 08:00:00

If you run an eCommerce business, or indeed, a business which has recently expanded to include eCommerce, you doubtlessly have a range of marketing plans. One of the oldest and most common forms of marketing is telesales. Telesales, as I'm sure you know, is when people are called and a business is promoted to them over the telephone. Sure, telesales does have a bad reputation as being something which is very irritating, but it can be effective. If you do do telesales then here are some tips for you to use when talking to people.


Mention Twitter
If a person is friendly and seems to be somewhat interested, but ultimately does not wish to make any kind of purchase, they probably have the potential to buy from you in future, just not right now. What you could try in these situations is asking "Are you on Twitter? We could follow you" because people always like to get new followers and you're essentially giving them something they want if you do this. When you follow them online, they'll be pleased and may well follow you back, meaning that you'll always be in their social media feeds, reminding them that you exist, from then onward. So if, in future, they do want or need your services, you'll be in their mind.


Use LinkedIn
If you don't know all that much about the person you're calling, then looking them up on LinkedIn could be a good way to make sure you're talking to the right person. This applies mainly to calls to people in other businesses, and therefore only really if you sell something which businesses will need (e.g. office supplies) but it can be quite a useful thing which will help to make your call more effective. If you ask for a person by name and know exactly what they do, whoever you talk to will assume that you must have some previous affiliation with the business and will be more likely to trust you and to put you through.


Act Like You Know the Person
When you call somebody up, don't act like you're doing a cold call out of the blue. Say "Hi, it's Tony from Bradoops" (if your name is Tony and your business is Bradoops, I mean) as if they should know who you are by that name. It makes them less likely to just hang up instantly because they'll spend a little while trying to figure out who you are, but in the time that they spent trying to figure that out, you've already wooed them with your charming personality and your fantastic product and prices.


So keep this in mind as you do your telesales! It might well help to make your calls even more effective. But if you don't even have a business to call people about yet, then sign up to Sellr now and create one for no cost at all.


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