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How To Increase Sales On Your Ecommerce Website Part 2

By Simon  |  25 Jan 2016 11:00:00

Content is King - But What Does That Actually Mean? Content Marketing
So - like everyone - you want to see your website ranking at number one for every good search term you can think of. The problem is that so does everyone else - and there is only one number one position.
As soon as Google spiders your site - it will appear where Google thinks it should. In my experience, the only way you can move it from that position is by getting more backlinks, Changing the page - especially the title or getting more backlinks to your site. Your ranking will also move if Google updates it's algorythms.
However Google is very clever. Often you will see your site ranking really highly - however that's because it's yours and you have been visiting it a lot. Everyone else might be seeing it much lower down.
My point is that you reach a point where you accept that some of your pages rank highly and some are really low down - and there is seemingly nothing you can do about it.
This is where Content Marketing comes in.
As we all know - ranking highly is the main think any ecommerce website needs. However as I have said above you reach the point where all your pages are stubbonly staying at their current rank. So the answer is to have lots more pages. Pages which really focus on the key words that you are trying to promote.
These extra pages will contain content - interesting articles which your readers might be interested in. For example if you sell washing machines - you might write content on how to make a washing machine last longer or how to fix a broken machine. In fact your content on phrases which people might search for on a search engine. If you make them really interesting then it will drive more visitors your way. They may not be as qualified prospects as those that directly click on a product page link however it's still qualified traffic as they will be interested in what you have to say.
In fact - content marketing gives you the opportunity to give free information  to your website visitors. This instills a sense of trust in them and they will trust that you are experts in your field. The psychology of selling means that people are more likely to buy from merchants that they can trust.
A great way of producing content is on blog pages. Sellr has all this built in and will also post your blog updates to Twitter and Facebook automatically which helps spread the word further.
With Article marketing you can write content for other websites. These might be guest blog posts or articles which appear on another website. This is even better as it gives you the opportunity to get back links to your website.
There's two tricks which you can do which might work but should probably be avoided it's up to you.
Firstly there is a growing trend of copying other peoples articles into your own blog the only difference being an attribution at the bottom such as 'This post was first published on Company X's Blog'.
Another more dubious method is article spinning. This is where you get or write an article then feed it into Article Spinning software. This software creates changes key words in the article over and over again to produce many different versions of the article which are different but on the same subject. It is a really easy way to produce loads of web pages on the same topic.
You have to think though that Google must be on the lookout for spun sites which you would imagine they would penalise and my even blacklist. In the same way copied attributed articles don't seem like something Google would support.
However Google has a very difficult job and sometimes spun or attributed blogs can rank really highly.
Next time I'll be talking about lead generation marketing!
Oh and after reading the above it should be really clear why this series of blog posts are called 'How To Increase Sales On Your Ecommerce Website'







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