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How to Keep Customers Happy on Social Media

By Adam  |  5 Sep 2015 12:00:00

Over the past decade and especially so in the last couple of years, social media has given customers a voice. In the past, there was no easy way for a customer to let a business known how they felt; they'd maybe have to write a letter, or put something in a suggestion box and there was certainly no way that they could easily make their concerns public. These days, however, if a customer takes issue with your business, they can post it publicly on social media and everyone will be able to see. But surely that's a bad thing?


Actually, the fact that customers can now communicate with you much more easily is a great benefit to you. Yes, somebody might publically post a criticism and it might get lots of support, but this just shows you what you need to change. In the past, if you get one letter from somebody saying that they don't like an aspect of your business, how could you be sure if it was a popular opinion? Not many people are going to bother to go to the trouble of writing a complaint like that, even if they are especially bothered and the person who did might be a bit of an anomaly. You might then unknowingly continue to annoy many people. On social media people can express their support for a post with the click of a button and if lots of people seem to dislike something, then you can just stop doing it and offer an apology. Nobody is perfect and people know that that includes businesses; if they can see that you're a business who responds to their criticisms in a positive and productive way, it will show them that you're a business who cares.


And it's not all about criticisms! Maybe somebody will suggest that you start to offer something which you could very easily start to offer. If that does happen, then you should go for it. The more people you accommodate the better and the more people see that you are a caring business the more likely they are to continue to buy from you. But if you haven't created an eCommerce website yet, why not sign up to Sellr right away? It is completely free to do so and also includes everything you need for Facebook and Twitter marketing.


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