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How to Leave eBay

By Adam  |  2 Sep 2015 15:00:00

You've doubtlessly heard that the astute business person can make money over the internet. Maybe, therefore, you decided to sign up to eBay in order to start selling things online. At the time, it seemed like the ideal platform, but, eventually you realised that it wasn't quite the best match for you. You felt a little too restricted and anonymous, just being one of the millions of eBay users who sell through it. If that is the case, then I am going to use this blog post to tell you how to leave eBay.


Thankfully, eBay is one of those websites which make it very easy for you to close your account. When you're signed in, you should see something that says "Hello [your name]" and if you click on that, you should get a drop down menu you where you then need to click on 'Account settings'. The next page you find yourself on will have 'Close my account’ on the far right, which will then bring you to a page which goes over all of the repercussions of closing an eBay account. If you're at all unsure about your decision, it would be a very good idea to read through everything on that page. Anyway, you next need to click on 'request to close your account' where you can then finalise things. There is a waiting period, however, to ensure all outstanding transactions go through and nobody risks losing out on any money. After that, however, your account will be closed!


If you'd still like to continue your eCommerce plans, however, perhaps you'd like to consider Sellr after closing your eBay account? Sellr is a free service (though there are paid packages) which you can use to create your own eCommerce website. It also comes with the tools needed for social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing, meaning you can truly be an independent business and not just an eBay user. But one thing you might like to keep in mind is that eBay can be used in conjunction with Sellr. If you don't want to make a sudden change, why not use them together for a while at first? You could ease your customers over from eBay to Sellr to ensure you don't lose anybody. So if that sounds like it might suit you, why not sign up right away?


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