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How To Leave Shopify

By Adam  |  13 Oct 2015 09:00:00

If you ever wanted to make your very own eCommerce website, then I expect that the first place you went to was Shopify. Shopify is the big name when it comes to eCommerce website creation tools and if people have heard of only one, it will be Shopify. But Shopify is not best for everybody and has quite a few flaws, eventually you may realise that you made a mistake by signing up with them. If that is the case, then don't worry! Here is a simple guide on how to leave Shopify.


First you need to log in as the account owner and click on your Shopify admin. If you click 'Settings' then you should then see an option that says 'Account' which you need to click. On the next page, the option to close your account will be visible. You can also choose to 'pause' your online store, just in case there's any chance that you might return to them in future. While the pause option is nice, if you're having trouble with their service then you really should just start thinking about alternative services for your business idea. Sure, they might one day fix the problem you had with it, but how long will that take? And what other problems might you still find? It's probably best to leave it at that.


But what about your eCommerce dream? You surely don't want to give up on it! Well, if you are planning on leaving (or have recently left) Shopify, might I suggest using Sellr instead? Here's a full blog post on the strengths that Sellr has over Shopify and why people change from Shopify to Sellr, which you can read at your own leisure. But if you don't have time; essentially, it's much better value for money and accommodates more sizes of business than Shopify, while offering pretty much all of the services that they do (and one or two extra things too). If it does sound like something you'd be interested in, then go ahead and sign up to Sellr right away! You can do so for no cost at all.


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