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How to Sell Clothes Online

By Adam  |  8 Sep 2015 19:00:00

When you start an eCommerce business, you're going to need to choose a product to focus on. Some people might like to sell food, others photography, but a popular product for eCommerce is clothing. If you'd like to make a name for yourself on the internet by selling clothes then read on! This blog post will hopefully provide you with a useful introduction to selling clothes in the world of eCommerce.


First, you need to think about where these clothes are going to come from. Do you have the ability to create your own clothing? Excellent! People love to have their own unique possessions and you stand to provide them with that. But, of course, making lots of clothes will take up a lot of time and not everybody will have that skillset to begin with. Were you perhaps hoping to sell t-shirts featuring quirky phrases or graphics which you came up with? Then you can look to the internet where you'll find a whole host of services which will print them for you. Other than that, perhaps you know somewhere you can buy clothes cheap which could be sold on for a profit. You could, for example, buy vintage clothes from a charity shop, touch them up a bit and then offer them on your website; it would be a great niche product for a business.


Anyway, once you've decided on what kind of clothes your selling and how you will get access to enough stock, you need to put your business together. What’s going to be important with most clothing eCommerce websites is making sure that people have an easy way to buy certain items of clothing in different sizes and often even different colours. Thankfully, these features are all available through Sellr. 


Clothes are also a little easier to market than some other products because they are designed to visually pleasing. When somebody buys from you, you could ask them to take a photograph of themselves in the clothes for you. Pictures of happy customers using your product is doubtlessly going to leave a good impression for prospects and will encourage them to buy from you too. It's also worth offering to send some free clothes to people with lots of Instagram followers because then they get free clothes and you get free advertising!


So I hope this gives you some ideas for how to start a clothes-based eCommerce website. People like their clothes to be a unique reflection of their personality, so there's always room for new businesses selling clothes! If that's something you'd like to do, then sign up to Sellr now! It is completely free to do so. I hope this blog post has proved to be a good introduction.


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