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How To Sell Photos Online

By Adam  |  3 Oct 2015 12:00:00

Photography is one of the most popular forms are artistic expression. People use it to make a record of events and to capture the beauty of reality. Are you a budding photographer? Or even an established photographer looking for a new platform? Well, if the answer is yes then Sellr might provide you with exactly what you need in order to make money selling your photography work on the internet, which is definitely something to consider in today's online age.


Which photographs are your best? What you could do is offer framed prints of the ones which you think are the most beautiful. Sellr allows you to list product variations, so you could list each photograph and then offer them in a variety of sizes. For example, you could offer a big poster, a smaller framed image for a desk, or a middle sized framed picture which would be suitable for the wall or a desk! Covering as many different sizes as possible will accommodate more customers and the more customers you accommodate, the more sales you are likely to make. You could, of course, also give people the ability to hire you out if you're happy to work on commission. This will mean that you'll have some fresh new additions to the professional portfolio which will help people to take you more seriously as a photographer and therefore increase the chances of getting more work.


What stands to be especially beneficial for photographers using Sellr is that you don't necessarily even need to spend anything; Sellr has a free package and you could list the different items for sale and then only print them as and when people purchase them. Plus you could use Sellr's blog feature as to create a great virtual portfolio of work which can be easily browsed through, along with a bit of text to provide additional information for each piece. If you put a bit of time in with Sellr, you could be selling photos on a very professional photography website in no time! So, if that sounds like something which might be worthwhile to you, why not sign up to Sellr right away?


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