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How to Set Up a Google Account

By Adam  |  25 Jul 2015 12:00:00

These days Google is huge. Google has bought out several businesses and also provides several unique services of its own. As many of these services are invaluable to anybody who runs a business over the internet (such as an eCommerce business), users of Sellr would do well to open up their own Google account. In fact, even if you don't use Sellr, it would be a good idea to sign up for a Google account! This might seem a bit of a basic guide to the more advanced internet user, but not everybody shares the same experiences. So hopefully this post will be useful for some beginners who are hoping to start an eCommerce website with Sellr.


The first step is to just go to Google and I'm sure I won't need to explain how to do that! Once you're on Google, even if you've done a search, then you just need to click on 'Sign In' which should appear at the top right. Google assumes, perhaps a little arrogantly, that you will already have a Google account, but when you click 'Sign In' you will then see the option to 'Create Account'. On the next page you have to fill in a few details about yourself, including what you would like to become your email address. When choosing your email address, try to go for something simple like (and I don't mean literally, I mean try to go for your actual name) and if that's taken, then try adding your middle initial, if that's taken try adding the year of your birth, your middle name or your title to it. Hopefully you'll eventually find something appropriate. Make sure to keep it professional though, as you will likely end up using that email address for several professional matters.


Once you've done all that, your Google account is all set up! The thing you get first is a Gmail account, which is just the same as any old email account (though Gmail is held in quite a high professional regard, unlike certain others). Now you're free to use all of Google's services: YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Hangout and many more (it would take too long to list them all). So if you don't have a Google account, it makes sense to get one now! It will give you access to all kinds of useful tools which will be great for marketing your eCommerce business.


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