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How to Use Images in Content Marketing

By Adam  |  27 Aug 2015 19:00:00

Content marketing is something which can be great for attracting lots of customers. If you're regularly posting new things on your website, that gives a reason for the people who are already familiar with you to regularly return and if you cover lots of subjects related to your business, then potential customers who are having a general internet browse will come across you as well. It's an effective, proven method and something which everybody should be doing.


Having said that, there's one very small thing you can do which will actually make quite a bit of difference in regards to how effective your content is. I'm talking about using images. If you post a blog entry or an article which is just text and does not include any images, people are less likely to read it. Even if you know in your heart that a picture does not make text more interesting and that text can be enormously engaging even without an image, simply seeing the lack of image is more likely to turn you away. It's probably a psychological thing, but it could also be a case of people thinking you look less professional without one. I mean, I suppose it's not something to worry about 100% of the time, maybe one or two shorter posts will be alright without one, but it is definitely something to think about doing with the majority of your posts.


Something to be cautious of, however, is copyright. If you take all your own photographs for your content and nothing else, that's fine. If you've paid to use some photos, that's fine too. Where you need to be careful is finding pictures on the internet. Don't just do a Google search for whatever image you want, make sure that you are using images which are in the public domain and can be used without upsetting anyone or infringing on anything. So keep this in mind and hopefully your content will prove to be even more effective!


But if you don't even have an eCommerce website to do content marketing for yet, then sign up for Sellr now! You can create a free website with all the tools you need to run your content marketing as well.


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