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How to Use Inbound Marketing

By Adam  |  31 Jul 2015 19:00:00

If you want your eCommerce website to be a success you are going to have to spend some time on marketing. I don't just mean opening a Facebook page and making a post every few months; for marketing to be effective you need to be doing something marketing-oriented every single day. In the past, people tended to rely on what is now known as traditional marketing; this was when people placed advertisements in newspapers or magazines, had posters put up in public places and so on. This was more a case of making sure the business was everywhere in order to draw people in. Traditional marketing tends to cost a fair bit of money, but what you can make use of for free is inbound marketing.


Inbound marketing is something that you can only really do over the internet and kind of works as the reverse of traditional marketing: instead of putting adverts everywhere so that everybody knows about your business, inbound marketing is about doing things on your website and social media feeds which will draw people to you by more natural means. Let me explain by giving a few examples: if you've got a Twitter account and you write an interesting or funny tweet, people will enjoy it for what it is and retweet it, if they appreciate it. Other people will then see that tweet and come back to you to see if you've got more interesting tweets. The same goes for blog posts; if you've written an interesting blog post and people find it when searching for the subject that you cover on your blog they're likely to going to want to read more, or to investigate your business.


Essentially, inbound marketing is kind of the same thing as content marketing, but inbound marketing generally has a somewhat broader meaning. So get active and start giving people a reason visit your website and to visit your social media feeds! Inbound marketing can be done without spending anything but time, so I certainly suggest that you make use of it! But if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, sign up for Sellr now and create your own website for no cost at all.


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