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Hustle, Crush It and Go Big to Increase Traffic

By Adam  |  24 Jul 2015 07:00:00

I'm sure you may be wondering what the title of this blog post is in reference to; it just sounds like a phrase designed to sound inspirational but which actually lacks any kind of substance. Well, you'd be right in thinking that, because it is actually a reference to a comedy video featuring Gary Vaynerchuk, but while it may simply stem from a comedy video, there is a lot to learn from it! So let me tell you a little about that video.


Gary Vaynerchuk is somebody who helps businesses develop their social media presence and makes videos of his own about marketing and other subjects. He appeared in an episode of the popular webseries Jake & Amir. Jake & Amir was made by CollegeHumor and was a purely fictional series that followed office co-workers Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld as they had numerous strange (but funny) conversations with one another at their desks. One episode had Jake and Amir going in for a meeting with Gary to discuss ways to increase traffic to the company's website. I won't tell you what happens, because you can watch it yourself and I don't want to spoil the joke for anybody! Needless to say, it is very funny.


So, why am I telling you about this? Well, aside from it being an enjoyable video, I wanted to share it because it actually acts as a good example of marketing for both Gary Vaynerchuk and Jake & Amir. How many people were there, I wonder, who saw that video and had no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk was? And who would then have looked him up to find out? Considering that the video has been watched nearly a million times, it was probably quite a few! By appearing in that video, as well as doubtlessly having a lot of fun, he has also raised awareness for his brand. Not everybody who saw that video and looked him up will have had any use for his services, but some will and others will have in the future, and thanks to that video they'll remember who he was. The same goes for Jake & Amir; how many people who watched Gary's videos would have found out about them through Gary's appearance and then become regular watchers? As comedy videos generally have quite a broad appeal, it was probably no small number!


One final thing I wanted to say about this video is that it was originally uploaded in 2009, but Gary posted it on his Facebook page just yesterday. Why was that? Well, I'm quite certain that it wasn't the first time he posted it there and when he shared it yesterday it was part of #TBT or 'Throw-Back Thursday' where businesses remember something cool or interesting that they did in the past. This gives you a great excuse to share your best pieces of older content! There's never any shame in sharing old content again because it should ideally be made to be 'evergreen' and a good number of your followers may not have seen it when you originally shared it or, indeed, may not even have been following you at the time.


So I hope that's given you an exciting look at some ways you can make use of content and social media marketing. Collaborations are good ways of reaching new people and if you know of another business you could work with, it can't hurt to approach them. But if you have yet to create your own eCommerce website or blog, sign up to Sellr now and get things started for no cost at all!


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