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By Adam  |  11 Sep 2015 19:00:00

When it comes to content shared on the internet, there's a bit of a hierarchy of what is the most popular. Going upward, text alone is least popular, followed by images, followed by videos. Take this with a grain of salt, however, because people won't always find themselves in situations where it will be appropriate to watch videos; but there will be much fewer things which stop people from reading an article or looking at a graphic. This is all to do with time: If you're scrolling through Facebook and one person posts a link to an article which they found really interesting and another posts a graphic which they found to be very useful, which one are you most likely to 'consume'? Well, it will be the graphic because you only need to look at it.


As such, it should be no surprise that images and graphics can be extremely useful for marketers. Instagram and Pinterest are social media networks which were specifically designed around the sharing of images and so they certainly stand to be useful marketing tools for you. If you've got a product which is designed to be especially visually pleasing, or if you have a nice set of photography or graphic design skills then it might really be worth your time to sign up to Pinterest or Instagram or both! But you won't only need to have high quality images to be successful on Pinterest or Instagram, you'll also need to be good at image tagging. These services allow you to 'tag' every image you upload with keywords which are appropriate to it; this is done to help people searching through the sites to find what really interests them. Therefore, adding all the appropriate tags will mean that more people see your images! So include as many relevant tags as possible. You can even tie these tags in to current affairs and, for example, use #christmaspresent if it's December and you want to encourage more festive sales. If your product is in any way connected to something that's cool and trendy at the time, then by all means tag it!


So I hope that has proven to be a helpful introduction to the idea of image tagging. But if you don't even have any images to tag, because you don't have a business to make them for, then why not sign up to Sellr now? For no cost at all you can create your own eCommerce website!


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