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Implement Social Media Buttons in eCommerce

By Adam  |  21 Jul 2015 15:00:00

The main reason to be on social media is that it creates an ongoing connection between you and your customers. It cuts down the chances of somebody visiting your eCommerce website, liking what they see, leaving, forgetting about you and never returning. It's not uncommon for somebody to come to a website (maybe while at work) and not really be in a position to make an online purchase, so what they might do is 'like' them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter so that they'll have an easy way of finding them again when they are in an appropriate position to do so.


So, if you want to make good use of social media buttons, here is a website you can visit in order to get the social media buttons which will best suit your business. There's quite a variety (of both the buttons you can implement and the social media sites you can use!) and so you can be sure that your social media presence will reflect the tone of your business as much as possible. As anyone who follows you on social media is likely to use social media a lot in their everyday lives, think of setting up these buttons as a way of tying a gentle thread around the customers. No matter how much time passes, or where they go, they will always be connected to you via social media and therefore always able to return to you whenever they need you.


So, I hope that has persuaded you of the importance of social media and social media buttons. When people come to your eCommerce website, if there is no way that your main site is connected to your social media pages, then people aren't likely to do a search for it by themselves. On the off chance that they do, if they couldn't find any connection to your pages on your website, it might cause them to question the legitimacy of the pages or to question whether they are still updated (which will decreased the chances of them subscribing to them). You might think that a hyperlink will do, but to really catch a customer’s eye, you should stick with big clear buttons.


But if you've not even started up your eCommerce website yet, I doubt that you'll be thinking of your marketing plans just yet! Sign up for Sellr now and put your business plan into action for no cost at all!


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