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Improve Your Customer Experience with Zopim

By Adam  |  5 Jul 2015 19:00:00

When you run an eCommerce website, it is important to have a good product, a unique selling point and affordable prices, but there's something more important than all of those things. If you're site isn't very customer friendly, they'll leave before they even realise how good you are. Maybe you make the absolute best dresses; they're comfortable and stylish and made to suit all body types... But that will mean nothing if your customers abandon their purchase after coming across a complicated payment gateway. Services like Zopim can help you to avoid situations like this.


Zopim is a service which provides your website with an especially useful instant chat box. As it will be so easily visible to all people who visit the site, if they encounter any difficulty they will instantly see that they can speak to someone directly through an easy to use interface. It works in much the same way as social chat systems on Facebook and other social websites so the vast majority of internet users will be familiar with it. It's a great way to help out customers, to show you care and to increase sales! Not only that, but it's very simple for you to run too; you are given a simple dash board which shows you how many customers have got the chat box open and what page they are on; this will help you to prepare for the kind of questions they might ask, especially once you begin to recognise which pages most commonly cause confusions for customers. Indeed, if you notice that your customers regularly have an issue with a certain aspect of your website then perhaps that will give you an idea of how to change and enhance things for the better.


Of course, you do need to be online for this chat function to work, so if you've got a smaller business and only manage it on the side, Zopim may not be for you. Although it does always tell the customers whether somebody is online or not, meaning there is no risk of somebody asking for help and waiting when there is nobody at hand. If your eCommerce website has grown to be quite popular then this could be exactly the right thing for you to implement next! You should always have an idea of what the next step for your business is, so even if you don't implement it now, you could have Zopim down as a plan for the future. Plus, if Zopim sounds good to you, but you're not entirely sure that it would be an appropriate or useful tool for your business, you are allowed to have a fourteen day trail! So, it certainly can't hurt to test it out.


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