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Internet Mainly Accessed via Smartphones

By Adam  |  11 Dec 2015 10:00:00

About fifteen years ago, if you wanted to know what people most commonly accessed the internet with, it would definitely have been with their home computer. A few years later, this probably would have been laptops. Just recently, the most common thing that people used to access the internet was tablets, but now that has changed once again! According to the most recent study, smartphones are now the most commonly used device for accessing the internet.


What can you learn from this? Well, for one thing it just goes to show how quickly technology is evolving. Who knows what people will be using to access the internet in five years’ time? It's good to keep up with these kinds of things because, as somebody with a business on the internet, you need to be up to date with all of the new updates about the internet. If an interested customer called up and asked about accessing your website with a device you're not familiar with, you’d stand to miss out on a sale! If you keep up with all the latest information and are able to present yourself as an expert in your field, then your business will be more appealing to prospects.


Of course, this also shows that value of responsive web design. There are several different ways that people can access the internet (and your website) and so you want your website to work optimally on all of them. A responsive website will identify the device somebody is using and adapt itself accordingly. This will ensure that people can use your site properly, regardless of how they like to browse the internet. Sellr offers responsive web design and, if you think now might be the time for you to start an eCommerce website, then why not sign up right away and get started for no cost at all?


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