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By Adam  |  22 Feb 2016 12:00:00

Invoicing is something which all businesses will be aware of, but for small businesses it can often be hard to find the best invoice service. In today's blog post, I'd like to talk a little about the virtues of an invoice system called Hiveage. A lot of the time you'll find that all the good invoice systems are not free to use and for smaller businesses this additional fee is not something they'll want on their limited budget. But Hiveage is a good, comprehensive invoicing system which will appeal to a lot of people.


So what exactly does Hiveage do? Well, it has all the useful things you'd expect from a CV generator. You can save contacts, it saves copies of all the CVs you've created so far, you can customise them with logos and so forth, you can use various different currencies and you can even list decimal points of pennies! This means that you'll be able to properly document exactly what you've done and what you're earning. You don't want to find yourself using a generator which can't list a certain currency, or can't go into the decimals of pennies, because you never know exactly what you might need to be invoicing in future. Plus, the fact that it saves all of your existing invoices is pretty good, because it just means that you've got that extra back up, should anything happen.


So keep Hiveage in mind when it comes to finding a service for your invoicing. It's rare that a free service would be this comprehensive, so it's definitely something which is well worth looking into. But if you don't yet have an eCommerce website, and therefore also don't really have any need for invoices, be sure to sign up to Sellr now! For no cost at all you could soon have your very own online shop - the perfect decision for small businesses.


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