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Is Content Marketing an Art?

By Adam  |  14 Aug 2015 08:00:00

How broad is your definition of what constitutes art? Of course, pretty much everyone accepts paintings and other forms of visual art, those one are a given. Some people would call the great works of literature art, maybe even all pieces of literature. Many would also include film and television productions these days as well... but content marketing? Surely that's just, cheap, substance-less pieces of work made for no other purpose than to increase traffic to websites?


Well, regardless of what you do and do not consider as art, content marketing should certainly not be substance-less and definitely not only made to increase traffic. I'll admit, one good aspect of content marketing is that it brings in traffic and it might be one of the things that push you towards using it as a marketing strategy, but if that's your only goal then you are likely to be unsuccessful. When it comes to content marketing, it is just as important that you aim to educate and entertain your audience with every post. If you write some content which has a few key words or terms in the title, and then just make it up with bland, unengaging text, then it is not likely to be very effective. You see, for content marketing to work, the content needs to be good. If it sounds like it will be boring, based on the title, who will read it? If it is boring to read, who will tell their friends about it? Nobody. It will, maybe, generate a little bit of traffic but nowhere near as much as could be achieved with high quality content.


Imagine somebody is browsing online; they see an article or blog post which, based on the title, promises to be very interesting and informative; they click it. What they find is that it does not disappoint! They're interested in the business that posted it (your business) and will have a look at the main site and some more of the content. Also, as they were very pleased with it, they'll send it to their friends who are also interested in that kind of thing. Those friends will look at your site, then share it also and on and on. Content marketing is about giving your customers a good reason to come to your website, not tricking them into doing so. Each piece should have something unique and worthwhile to say. You could even make jokes or be creative! So, if you ask me, good content marketing is an art, and if you want to do well with it, you need to think of it as an art and not a marketing ploy.


With that in mind, why not start a content marketing strategy now? Sellr's blog system is the perfect outlet for it! If you create an eCommerce website through us, we have all the tools you need to also make a blog for content marketing purposes. So, if that sounds like something you'd like to do; sign up for Sellr right away! It is completely free.


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