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Is Ekmpowershop Any Good?

By Adam  |  1 Feb 2016 12:00:00

If you're in the eCommerce world, you'll know about Ekmpowershop. If people want to make an online shop, one of the first places they'll turn to is Ekmpowershop. Does being well known mean it's really any good though? You need only to look to the world of music to see that many consider the most popular of songs to actually be of inferior quality. Is that also true of eCommerce solutions? Are the big names like Ekmpowershop churning out nothing of substance, while the small independent organisations (like Sellr) are the ones making high quality stuff? Yes. Is Ekmpowershop any good? No. Let me use this blog post to explain to you why that is.


Firstly, there's the pricing. Ekmpowershop have a single £24.99 per month package. If you think that seems reasonable, let me explain why that is too restrictive; imagine you wanted to start a brand new eCommerce website so you could see how that venture would go. You'll almost certainly be spending that £24.99 out of your own pocket for the first few months; websites take a little while to be the masses. Plus, imagine you're an established business that's going strong and has decided that eCommerce is the next logical step to take, do you really think you're going to get anything of your standard for only £24.99 a month? Meanwhile, with Sellr, we offer a range of packages from one that's free, for those who are experimenting with eCommerce, to one which costs £499.99 a year and has us make a unique eCommerce website for you and to your specifications. Ekmpowershop won't do anything like that.


Then there's all the downright bad things about Ekmpowershop. If you aren't sure about making a £24.99 investment before having tried it, they allow you to use a fourteen day free trial. Except it isn't really a trial - it's more of a demo. The difference may sound arbitrary but it's pretty significant! Once the fourteen days are over, the eCommerce website that you've created is deleted and then if you decide to pay, you have to start over from the beginning. A trial period would suggest that you're starting something before deciding whether you want to continue it or not, which is not what happens with an Ekmpowershop 'trial'. They're also constantly changing the way that their software works, which can often mean that parts of your website will become broken - then they have the audacity to charge you to repair it! They even delete forum posts by users who are offering their own solutions to these problems! It's pure greed and nothing else.


At Sellr, we make changes based on what customers have suggested to us and we always ensure that everything else still works when we do. We offer twenty-four hour support (unlike Ekmpowershop) and are really keen to help out people with new and exciting business ideas and established businesses alike. We'll even let you use it for free if you like! And we in no way want to censor the things our users say to each other; we've created a social chat system specifically to encourage interaction between users! So if that sounds good to you, be sure to sign up to Sellr today!


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