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Is Ekmpowershop Worth the Money?

By Adam  |  18 Apr 2016 12:00:00

If you want to do business over the internet, you're going to need an eCommerce website. One of the most popular eCommerce solutions is Ekmpowershop, who provide a fairly easy to use template based eCommerce website creation tool. Crucially, however, their service is not free to use and if you're running a business you need to make sure that you're getting a worthwhile return on every expense. So before you sign up to Ekmpowershop and use it to create an eCommerce website, you have to ask yourself "Is Ekmpowershop Worth the Money?"


Well, let's look at the facts: Ekmpowershop costs £24.99 per month (there are no other packages, that's what you have to go for.) and this is required if you want to do anything with Ekmpowershop. The thing is that business is always risky, you can't guarantee that you'll make any money right away. There are thousands and thousands of businesses just like you, out on the internet, trying to make sales and you can't be sure that anyone will go for you over anybody else. Does this mean that creating an eCommerce website is a wasted endeavour? Absolutely not! There are many people who do so and then make so much money that they are able to live off it! But there is always an element of risk, which is why this £24.99 monthly payment does not seem to be worth it.


A much wiser choice would be to use our "Sellr FREE" package which, you guessed it, allows you to create a free eCommerce website. The fact that you can create the website for free means it is the perfect opportunity for you to experiment and to see how well your ideas pan out. If it seems okay, and like it really is something for you, then after that you could pay for one of the larger Sellr packages so that you can gain access to lots of marketing tools which will help you to really enhance your site. So if you do want to start an eCommerce website, sign up to Sellr and get started right away!


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