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Listing Product Weight and Supplies on Sellr

By Adam  |  27 Jul 2015 19:00:00

When you run an eCommerce website, you want things to be as customer friendly as possible. That's why, when listing your products for sale through Sellr, we allow you to list both the product's weight and the amount of stock that you have in. It's all quite easily done when you are on the spreadsheet that shows all of your current products; all you have to do is click on whichever one you want to add these things on to and then you will see several boxes where the data can be input.


Of course, this is data that you might not have off the top of your head, but I certainly think that it will be worth your time to weigh your products especially so that they can have that additional piece of information. For one thing, it just looks more professional to have as much detail as possible, but it also makes things easier for the customer; listing a product's weight means that the customer will be given a rough idea of the size of the product. The more the customer knows about something before buying, the better and then the more likely they are to be satisfied by your product when it arrives and the better impression of they’ll have of your business in general too. Meanwhile, the usefulness of listing your stock goes without saying: who's ordered something online before, gotten excited about it and then been emailed saying it was out of stock? It's not a good feeling is it? And it might be just what turns somebody off of ever returning to your website again. Also, when an item is low in stock, it might be the thing that pushes somebody to buy it, because if they kind of want it, this will make them feel that it could be their only opportunity!


So get onto your account and list the weights and the stock of each item! The customer experience on your eCommerce website should always be in your mind and this is just one of many ways to improve it. But, if you've not even got your Sellr account yet, sign up to Sellr right away! It is completely free.


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