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Live Video Streaming on Twitter With Meerkat

By Adam  |  13 Aug 2015 19:00:00

If you want to market your eCommerce business, you are likely using social media to do so. Twitter is one of the most useful tools for that and I have written about how handy Twitter can be before. But in this blog post I want to tell you a little about a new app called Meerkat which can actually be used so that you can live stream over Twitter. You might not think that sounds like anything very exciting, but it actually stands to be a very valuable marketing aid.


In terms of the content that is consumed by people on the internet, the chain generally goes: video>images>text. That won't apply to everybody, but generally speaking, a person is much more likely to watch a video than they are to read a block of text. On Twitter feeds specifically, there will be tonnes of tweets which are nothing but text, posting a video or image will certainly make you stand out. But why would you ever need to live stream something? Well, for one thing live streams are quite exciting and a good way to get people interested in your business. "If it's live who knows what might happen!" they'll think and it provides you with a good reason to persuade people to be paying attention to you at a specific time. Furthermore, live streams are a great way to make exciting announcements: have you arranged something with another business which means you'll be able to provide a really rather exciting product? Talk about it in a live stream and show it off. Build up "hype" for the announcement!


Generally, it might be a bit difficult to do a live stream, because you have to think of something appropriate to base it around while also ensuring that you'll be able to make it entertaining. One thing to try, if you make your own product, is to do a video of yourself creating the product because, that way, people will see exactly how it is done and, since it would be live, they'd have no question of trickery. They’ll see you're genuine, they’ll see exactly what they’re getting. It'd also be cool to sometimes do a flash sale, and make it coincide with a live stream; you could keep talking throughout it and draw people's attention to some specifically good products. It would be quite exciting to do that for an hour or so, if you can be sure to keep things fresh (like a radio DJ). In fact, just like a radio DJ, you could coincide that with a performance of a local brand, promoting them, promoting you and driving sales!


So, as you can see, Meerkat gives you the opportunity to do some pretty cool stuff on Twitter, so you might like to look into it. But if you haven't even started your eCommerce business yet, why not sign up for Sellr right now? It is can be used for no cost at all!


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