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By Adam  |  13 Jul 2015 19:00:00

Are you a Sellr subscriber? If so, did you know that it is possible for you to make money advertising Sellr? It's true! As somebody who uses Sellr yourself, you know first-hand just how useful the service is, so you're in an excellent position to tell others about it. If you know anybody who might be interested in using Sellr and you recommend it to them and they then sign up for one of the paid Sellr services, we will give you up to £40! Not only that, but the person who you introduced will also receive a few months of their subscription for free!


So get on Twitter, get on Facebook and spread the word! Sellr is an easy to use internet tool which can be used in order to set up your own eCommerce website. You pay a small fee for this service, but that small fee doesn't just include the website, it also covers marketing! So let your friends know about it; does one of your friends work with arts and crafts? Maybe they'd want to use Sellr as a new platform for their products? Do you know someone who likes to buy things cheap and then sell them on online for a profit? Perhaps Sellr could create a nice hub page for them? Maybe a family member always knits you the nicest clothes; Sellr could turn that into a profitable business! Try sharing it in forums or on shared groups on Facebook. Wherever you think you might be able to find someone who'll get Sellr, share the links; let them know!


It's a great system. We're helping you, to help your friends, to help us help all of you! You've got nothing to lose by letting everybody know about Sellr, but you do have something to gain. If you do have a Sellr store, then by telling lots of people about it, in the hope that they will also open up a Sellr store, you're actually advertising your own business at the same time as advertising our business. If you don't have Sellr yet, but are attracted to the idea of it, why not sign up right now? And then after that, tell your friends as well.


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