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Make Sure Your Website Looks Trustworthy

By Adam  |  7 Jul 2015 19:00:00

The sad fact is that there are a large number of scammers online who spoil the internet for everyone. Because of this, if people come to your eCommerce website and decide that it looks untrustworthy, then they aren't going to make a purchase. Ensuring that your website looks trustworthy should be one of your priorities. If that sounds like it might be difficult, don't worry! I'm going to use this post to go over some ways that you can make sure your website looks authentic.


The first thing is social media. You should always have clear links to your social media feeds on your homepage, so if somebody came to your site and wasn't sure if you were trustworthy they could then check you on social media for a better idea. If you've got a lot of nice and friendly interactions with your customers, fun posts which reflect your personality and posts from customers who are saying that they've been happy with your services then the chances are that any doubts a person may have had beforehand would most likely have been put to rest.


It also important to keep your site looking current and up to date. When scammers create a website to trick people out of their money, there's rarely any real care behind if. A scammer’s website will have been thrown together with a block of text which has likely just been copy and pasted and will just generally lack passion. If you have a block of text on the homepage (as these sites often do) you should probably think about moving it to a separate 'About' page and leaving the homepage as a place to show off your actual products and deals. Don't ever quickly write out an 'About' piece of text either; this is always something you need to spend time on. Make sure it flows well and that there are no grammatical or typographical mistakes.


Keeping a blog on your eCommerce website has a huge number of benefits, one of which is making your website look more trustworthy. When people see a lot of posts from you where you are talking sincerely about the product or service that you provide it will be hard for them not to trust you. Scammers are not likely to put that amount of effort into a fake blog. If you’ve done work with other businesses (especially charities) and you’ve written about it on your blog, then this will also help people to trust you.


So these are just a few things which you can do to make your website seem more trustworthy, so hopefully this has given you more confidence about your website appearing trustworthy. Also, if you have yet to create your own site, I hope you will keep these points in mind as you make it! If you don't have your own site, sign up for Sellr now! It is completely free and an easy tool to create your own site.


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