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Making a Food-Based eCommerce Website

By Adam  |  8 Aug 2015 18:00:00

What's your talent? Knitting? Crafting? Sculpting? Painting? While those are all very impressive skills and things which you could base an eCommerce website around, in this blog post I am going to talk about something else; something you might not have thought it would be possible to build an eCommerce website around: cookery. Yes, you can sell food online and, yes, it is profitable, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind, which I am going to go over now.


While you can sell food online, what you have to ask yourself is "Why would anybody buy my food when they could much more easily go to the supermarket?" because, even if your brownies are the most delicious brownies, when people are hungry they are hungry now and will not want to wait for an order. So what can you do? Well, to sell food online, you want to make something unique. One of the most common forms that idea can take is customised cakes: maybe you'll make cakes with customers’ names on them, or maybe they'll be cakes made to fit a certain theme. Whatever the end result, customised cakes are one of the easiest products for a food related eCommerce business.


However, if you do go down the cake road, it might be a little harder to be noticed because it's the kind of service that several people are likely to offer (not to put anyone off doing it!). A good idea is to try and think of unique combinations of food: a pizza burger? delicious! Chocolate jelly? scrumptious! Cheese cake pie? Good golly! These are all somewhat usual things and the kind of thing that will make people want to try them for the sake of tasty experimentation. If you post images of really delicious looking food, it is likely to tempt people into buying it. You could be rather sneaky and be very active on social media just before lunch time; people will be hungry then and people are more likely to place an order when in a hungry state of mind. That's one of the upsides of selling one of the things that are required to keep humans beings alive.


So if you can cook, why not investigate the idea of opening an eCommerce website? Perhaps your foods will be very popular. If you already have a unique snack that you make for family and friends, why not bring it to a broader platform? Whatever your skill, you likely have something you could sell on an eCommerce website, so why not sign up to Sellr now (for free) and get started?


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