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Making a Gmail Account

By Adam  |  6 Dec 2015 12:00:00

As is occasionally the case, today's blog post is one for beginners. If you already have an eCommerce website with Sellr, then this post is not likely to contain any information that will be useful to you. However, if you're new to the internet or even new to computers in general, then this blog post might be for you. I'm going to write a little about setting up a Gmail account and why it would be a good idea for you to do so.


You should think of an email account as a 'key' to the internet because there are so many websites and services out there which cannot be used unless you provide an email address. Even offline, there's a lot of paperwork these days which includes a space where an email address is supposed to be written. So having an email address will open a lot of doors for you and Gmail is one of the most well regarded of the email providers. Gmail is part of Google and signing up to Gmail will mean you then have a Google account, which will give you access to things like Google +.


When you are setting up with Gmail, you will have to decide what your email address is going to be. I would advise that you use your name, so if you were called Tobias Underson then good ideas for email addresses would be or If you find that the obvious uses for your name have already been taken, you could try including your middle name (or middle initial) or you could potentially add your year of birth to the end. There are a lot of possible variations and you will probably find one that's free eventually. 


Once you have it, the internet is your oyster! I hope you'll find it very useful. For your first endeavour, why not set up an account with Sellr? For no cost at all you could set up an online shop! Put the time in and you could have a successful business venture on your hands.


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