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Managing Your Internet Presence

By Adam  |  16 Sep 2015 08:00:00

Are you thinking of starting up your own eCommerce website? Do you, maybe, already have your own eCommerce website? If so, do you have any other kind of presence on the internet? For example: vlog videos, a blog, photography, artwork or, indeed, any other kind of work? Well, if so, then perhaps you should make it clear that it is the same person who is behind all of these things. Make a clear brand for yourself to help strengthen your integrity and give your customers more faith in you.


You can do this quite easily by coming up with a nice logo for your business which you can then use on every area of your online presence. Furthermore, it will always be appropriate to have all of your websites linking to one another; this can help bring traffic to all of them. That's not to mention that, if you start an eCommerce website and you already have quite a large following of people via some other internet means, then you've already got access to a good source of potential customers. If people have been impressed with your work in the past, then the opening of an eCommerce websites might just be something to get your audience excited. Doubtlessly, at least some of them will investigate the new online shop and they may go on to become loyal customers.


So keep this in mind as you continue to do new things on the internet. By connecting your different outlets and ventures and doing them as different aspects of the same name or business then you are doing more to convince people of your capabilities. If you have a blog that covers a certain subject and you've built up a good number of readers then a very good idea could be to then start an eCommerce website where you sell something related to that subject matter. The point is that it can be good to tie everything you do together as it helps to improve your business's credibility and the website's flow of traffic.


If you want an eCommerce website but don't yet have one, why not sign up to Sellr now? For no cost at all you can turn your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality.


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