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By Adam  |  23 Jul 2015 15:00:00

Some people think that they can just create an eCommerce website and people will come flocking to them and business will boom. The sad truth is that things are not quite so simple; the internet is huge and there are hundreds of people who're trying to start a business out there and if you just make a website, there's a good chance that nobody will find it. There could be a business selling a really amazing product, something which you and I would buy in a second, but which has remained undiscovered in a sad and lonely corner of the internet. Of course, we at Sellr understand that marketing is the way to avoid this problem and in this post I am going to go over the different kinds of marketing tools which Sellr provides.


Email Marketing
Sellr gives you a system which can be used to make perfect use of email marketing. You can store a database of all the people who have purchased from you in the past and use it to send them periodical emails to ensure that they will always return to your eCommerce website. Of course, we also allow you to send important things like confirmation emails, which will make the business seem a lot more professional: this can be tailored so that you ask your customers for feedback on your services or to follow you on social media; getting this feedback is great, because reviews on your website will make it look more appealing to newcomers. Depending on which pay package you go for, Sellr can also provide you with abandonment emails; abandonment emails are sent when somebody was going to make a purchase but stopped before completing it. People might stop a purchase before the end for a variety of reasons, and an abandonment email could be the difference between them forgetting and moving on and going back to finish the transaction.


Social Media Marketing
Everyone is on social media, and they will expect you to be too. Of course, what sites you use is entirely down to you, but if you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can manage all of your posts directly through Sellr! Maybe you've just added a new product to your eCommerce website, then you just need to go straight to 'Marketing' tab where you can write about it and let your customers know right away! The key with social media is to always remain active and to avoid quiet spells; if you knew you were going to be offline for a few days then you could use Sellr to schedule the Facebook and Twitter posts that you'd like to go up while you're away! Furthermore, Sellr also gives you the tools to create your own blog and you can have every new blog post posted on social media after it has been written, if you so please.


Content Marketing
As I mentioned on my previous point, Sellr gives you the ability to create a blog to tie in with your eCommerce website. In fact, you don't even need to make an eCommerce website, you could just make a Sellr account to make use of our excellent blog creation tool. But the point is that a blog is the perfect outlet for content marketing. What is the product or service that you're trying to sell? What will people who are interested in buying that also be interested in? There'll, of course, be many answers to that question and so you use all of those subjects as things to cover on your blog. When you've got lots and lots of interesting content on your blog, the chances of people finding your website increase, and the people who find your website are likely to be people who are interested in buying your product, since they'll have found your content by searching for things that interest them. You can also schedule blog posts, so if you had a regular update schedule and you knew you were going to be away on a day that you usually write a post, you can just write it in advance and schedule it.


So, that's just a brief introduction to the marketing tools which are made available through Sellr! If this has convinced you that Sellr is the service to go for to start up your eCommerce business, then sign up for your account now. It is completely free to use!


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