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Meeting Customers Offline

By Adam  |  9 Oct 2015 09:00:00

The internet can give you many very useful ways for you to interact with your customers and prospects. On social media you can share things which you expect will be useful/interesting to your customers and you can respond to any questions or queries that come through on it. With emails, you can send out regular newsletters to make sure that your customers know all about all the current sales and promotions that you have on and what things you have planned for the future. You can also create online surveys to find out what it is that your customers like about your business and what it is that they do not like. While all of these things are incredibly useful, sometimes it will just be more appropriate to meet with a customer or prospect in person.


So when is it best to meet customers in person? Well, to be honest, it's not something that every business will need to do. Meeting in person is more something that should be done if large sums of money are going to change hands; customers might like to meet you and see the product before making a large purchase, just to make sure that everything is to their liking. This might apply to expensive jewellery, cars (and other vehicles), antiques, autographs or anything else like that.


Depending on the size of your business, you might want to have a sales rep for this purpose. You'll need somebody who is confident, who has a full understanding of the product and who can happily interact with anybody in a friendly way. If you had a sales rep, you could then alert people to that fact on your website and let them know that they can arrange an appointment if they feel the need to. A meeting with a sales rep might be the difference between somebody being a little uncertain and somebody deciding to make a purchase. If you're just a one-person business, you could always do the sales repping yourself. Anyway, I hope that that has given you something to think about. Even if barely anybody uses it, it would still be a good idea to give people the option to meet someone from your business in person. Just have a special email address or phone line dedicated to these appointments; it will doubtlessly make you look just that little bit more professional.


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