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Missed Black Friday? Now for Cyber Monday

By Adam  |  28 Nov 2015 12:00:00

So yesterday was Black Friday; the Friday that immediately follows Thanksgiving and a day on which many businesses offer their products at a reduced price. As you can tell, this is an exciting opportunity for customers and business people alike... but now it's over. Did you forget about Black Friday and fail to offer any kind of promotions from your business? Did you forget about Black Friday and therefore miss out on your chance to buy lots of great products for a reduced price? Well, if you're in either of those situations then worry not as Cyber Monday is just two days away!


For those who don't know, Cyber Monday is the eCommerce follow up to Black Friday. Black Friday is acknowledged by lots of eCommerce websites anyway, it is a general event that lots of offline shops take part in too, whereas Cyber Monday has a specific eCommerce focus, making it especially handy for Sellr users who have their own eCommerce website. Days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday are a great opportunity for you to make your customers happy while also seeing an increase in sales. How many people might buy something from you at a reduced price on either of those days and then go on to become regular customers? How many will see an item reduced, and then tell their friends, who will also be interested in it? It's a great way to reach new people and raise brand awareness. From a customer’s perspective, it's good because being entirely online means it much easier for them to make purchases, because Monday is a day that people are less likely to go out shopping.


So if you did miss Black Friday, I hope you feel better knowing that Cyber Monday is just a few days away, meaning that sales, profits and discounts are just around the corner! But if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr and make one for no cost at all! That way you can have it all ready by the time Black Friday comes along next year.


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