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Monday Motivation

By Adam  |  12 Oct 2015 09:00:00

For a lot of people, getting back to work on Monday can be very tiring and therefore they suffer from a lack of motivation. You only need to go onto Twitter to see that #MondayMotivation is trending pretty much every single Monday morning. Personally, I am not affected by this issue (I love blogging!) but it does affect a very large number of people, including those who are self-employed and live off of their own eCommerce website (because everybody has to go 'back to work' at some point).


So what can you do to keep those motivation juices flowing? Well, one thing you might try is planning out your week and scheduling all the easiest pieces of work for Monday. This way you will quickly achieve things and feel motivated when you see that you are getting lots of things done without having to put in quite as much effort. You could save all of the harder and more strenuous tasks for Wednesday or Thursday, when you're more into the working mind frame. Scheduling your week this way will also ensure that you know all the things you need to achieve and will generally make you work more efficiently. You could structure your week so that it starts and ends easily and you do all the hard work in the middle; this is a good plan for your work week.


You could also try rewarding yourself too. For many, Monday is the start of work and the farthest time from the luxury of the weekend. A lot of people don't like it because Monday is not a fun day, so why not make some leisurely/social plans for yourself each Monday night? That way, working on Monday will feel like you are earning the reward that you are going to get in the evening. It's a nice way to make Monday something a little more than just the 'back to work' day. Whatever you do, I hope you are able to find motivation today!


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