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Picking a Business Name

By Adam  |  10 Aug 2015 15:00:00

Having a good name for your business is very important. The ideal business name will give people an idea of what you do, while also being easy to remember and easy to spell. So think of those as the main three factors for picking out a good business name. In this blog post I am going to go over how to pick out a good business name, so if you're planning on starting an eCommerce website, I hope this will be a helpful guide for you.


Take Sellr as an example. To be honest we've got an excellent A+ 10/10 name. It's short and it's memorable. It’s easy to spell and what we do will be clear to you from the name: Sellr, so this business is a "seller" or, in other words, a tool to help you sell which, indeed, is exactly what this eCommerce website creation tool is. But then, you could look at something like Ekmpowershop and have no idea what it is; do they sell power tools? Fuel? No idea. Or you could hear someone discuss Wix and think they were talking about the entirely unrelated business Wickes. Those are just two examples of bad business names, but you should ask yourself these questions: Does my business name actually have any meaning related to my product? And are there any other businesses with a similar name? The last thing you want is to start a business which you later find out has pretty much the same name as another business and pretty much the same product. People will think you're trying to steal their customers; maybe even that you are trying to scam them!


So in the end, keep in short, keep it catchy, keep it memorable, make it unique and ensure that it's easy to spell! If somebody mentions your business to somebody else, you want to be sure they'll easily be able to find it with a quick Google search! A good idea could be to take one word which is related to your business and then modify it slightly, making it unique, but still a reflection of your product. Also don't forget that you may well be using that business name for a domain one day, so you need to think of what would also be appropriate in a domain.


These are all things to bear in mind if you want to start an eCommerce business, but another important step is making an account with Sellr! Sign up for an account right now and make your eCommerce website for no cost at all.


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