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Popularity of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

By Adam  |  30 Aug 2015 12:00:00

When starting your own eCommerce business, you're likely to start wondering about which marketing strategies to use. I'm sure the first thing you'll be thinking about is social media marketing; everyone does social media marketing. You might also be thinking about content marketing, but you'll probably decide that social media marketing is your focus. But, actually, recent studies show that content marketing is growing in effectiveness while social media marketing is no longer growing at the pace it used to be.


So what do I say? I say that you should give both an equal amount of attention! Social media marketing and content marketing actually complement each other quite nicely. You can post regular links to your social media feeds in the content you write and you can use your social media to promote your content. It goes both ways; social media marketing can fuel your content marketing and content marketing can fuel your social media marketing. Getting people subscribed to your social media feeds will ensure that that they get regular reminders of your business when they visit social media, and doing good content marketing will ensure that you have regular things to post on social media. Plus, of course, there'll be other things to write on social media too, which will draw people in (like social media promotions) and some people will find your website through your content marketing.


So you can see, both of these are vital strategies to the marketing of any eCommerce business. So don't just do one or the other, do both. Look at content marketing and social media marketing as opposite sides of the same coin. Both are equally important and achieve the same thing; and who ever heard of a one sided coin? That's impossible! Keep this in mind as your proceed with your own marketing and I hope you’ll reach lots of people!


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