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By Adam  |  8 Jul 2015 07:00:00

I've spoken before about keeping a blog on your eCommerce website and I want to continue that with this post. Today I'm going to talk more about the benefits of keeping a blog and also of the importance of evergreen content (and, of course I shall explain the concept too!), but if you're completely unsure about how to get started with a blog or anything like that, then it might be a good idea to read my earlier post first.


The concept of evergreen content is one which is rather simple and I am sure many of you will have figured it out based on its name alone, but just to be safe I'm going to explain it for you. Evergreen content is content which never becomes old or invalid and could be just as useful if read five years after publication as it was on the day it was posted. This blog post itself is a good example of evergreen content because the concept of evergreen content will always exist and people will always need content like this to explain it to them. News pieces, especially speculative news pieces, will lose almost all of their value once the event which they are describing has fallen into the past. Those kinds of things might be of historical curiosity to some, but generally, they have lost their worth.


So when you get started on your own blog, make sure that you post a lot of evergreen content. Of course, there's nothing wrong with reporting on things; if your website became a customer's source for all the latest news in your industry that would be great as they'd doubtlessly purchase from you more often if they had a reason to keep coming back, but evergreen content is just as important, if not more so. As the years pass, people will continue to do internet searches which will bring them to your website, but in 2025 who's going to be searching for content on that festival you attended in 2015? News related posts are likely to attract a lot of people when they are posted and then never again afterwards. Evergreen content may not attract a huge number of readers as soon as it is posted (since it won't be as trendy) but it will slowly bring people to you as the years go by, building up the number of readers and likely surpassing the news content in time. So keep these things in mind when you get to work on your own blog! Try not to only have news content, only having evergreen content wouldn't be a bad approach, but having evergreen with sprinklings of news is the best approach! 


If you've not got your eCommerce site yet, sign up for Sellr right away! We provide you with everything you need to get your online business started (including the ability to add a blog) and it's free for you to use.


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