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Professional Invoices From The Invoice Machine

By Adam  |  9 Jul 2015 22:00:00

For some people an automated email is enough confirmation of their order. For others, especially customers of more specialised goods, an invoice is what will be expected. A nice PDF that can be printed out and added to the files. But this could be tricky for you; are you very good with Microsoft Word? Could you put something together which looked really professional? If the answer is no, then The Invoice Machine may be the service for you.


The Invoice Machine generates high quality invoices for you which you can send to your customers to give them just that little bit of extra reassurance that you are, indeed, a very professional business. Furthermore, a lot of customers will appreciate fact that you give them these invoices as they will make a nice and convenient addition to their business documents. If you're worried that it will be obvious that you used an external source to handle your invoices, rest assured that The Invoice Machine does everything they can to ensure that your invoices look unique and seem to have stemmed from you directly. You are given an easy way to attach them to emails and that is all you need to provide your customers with the invoices they want.


But, of course, invoices will not be needed for every eCommerce website and since The Invoice Machine is a paid service, take the time to be sure that their services are a good investment for you before putting any money forward. These are just one of many things that you can do to make your eCommerce website seem more professional and though it might seem like a small thing, it's the small things that stick with a customer; a typo on the front page is a small thing, the kind of thing that even someone with decades of experience could inadvertently do, but that would be enough to turn certain people off of website, so hopefully these invoices will be just the thing to enamour your customers and ensure that they return!


If you've not got an eCommerce website yet, sign up for Sellr now and get your idea started! It is totally free, so you've nothing to lose.


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