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By Adam  |  1 Jul 2015 08:00:00

If you want to create your own eCommerce website, you want it to look professional. There are lots of services on the internet that are based around helping you to create a website, but some of them may be quite difficult to use and not really be made with the average person in mind. Either it will be very basic and not really allow you to make something that looks professional or it won't user-friendly, meaning that while it may be possible to make a very professional site with the tools provided, you'd already need to be an expert to do so! Thankfully, Sellr provides a great middle ground and gives you all you need to create a professional site which is suited to your business. Take a look at some examples below.


Here we have Oven2Table which is a business that sells cooking and dining products. As you can see, they've got an easy to use layout, with a clear cart and checkout buttons, a nice custom background which is unique to them, featured items on the home page and various links which will make it obvious where to go, should a customer have an issue.




Next we have Exquisite Jewellery, a business which sells pieces of jewellery with people's names on them. There's a simple but elegant design; a company logo at the centre of the screen, a clear 'About Us' at the top, featured items and a search bar at the top right, so that people can find jewellery of whatever name they want. An eCommerce website which is perfectly suited to its purpose.




Finally, let's take a look at TAB Candles. This business sells eco-friendly scented candles and the website does a good job of conveying how it would feel to own the candles, with the great photograph in the background and the contrasting background of the text. Different sections are clearly laid out, so that you can go for whatever type of candle you want and what they sell is obvious from the outset. To top it all off, this website was made with SellrFREE, which means you don't even need to spend a penny to get a site as good as this!


Feel free to browse all of these sites at your leisure and hopefully it will persuade you that Sellr is the perfect thing to use to get your own eCommerce website off the ground.


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