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Recycle Your Content

By Adam  |  1 Aug 2015 19:00:00

For social media marketing and content marketing to be effective, you need to be regularly tweeting, writing blog entries and posting on Facebook. While very time consuming, this is a very effective marketing strategy. However, some people may be under the misconception that you always have to create new content; but the truth is that it is actually perfectly fine to recycle your content once you have created it.


But what's important to keep in mind is that there is a right way to recycle content and a bad way to recycle content. Think of it as the difference between recycling the cardboard boxes of groceries and using them to store other things and saving empty crisp packets and using them as gloves. So what's the bad way to recycle content? Well, if you run a blog in conjunction with your eCommerce website, don't ever post the same thing twice, even if you have edited it slightly. If somebody is reading through your blog and enjoying themselves, they're going to be a bit annoyed if they find the exact same thing twice. The same goes for Facebook photos: people often enjoy sitting back and browsing through all the photos on a Facebook page; repeat photos will make the experience unenjoyable.


So now you know some of the negative examples of recycling content, here are some of the more positive things you can do: you can write the exact same tweet more than once. At most a tweet will only be 140 characters long, so it won't be quite as egregious if anybody notices that you've reused one. Furthermore, a recycled tweet is much less likely to be noticed, as tweets generally just pop up in newsfeeds for a brief period of time, writing the same tweets a few times will ensure that everybody sees them. Furthermore, Thursday has become 'Throw Back Thursday' (or #TBT) in social media circles and is used as a time to remember things from the past: as such, businesses might like to use this as an excuse to draw attention to an excellent piece of content they created a few years previously, or to draw attention to their good deeds of the past. Plus, not every blog post you write needs to be completely fresh: maybe one day you had an idea for a blog post but on another you couldn't think of anything new; so long as enough time has passed by, it would be fine to write about the same topic more than once, but from slightly different angles.


So I hope that has given you an idea of how producing content for your blog and social media feeds needn't be too difficult! Once content has been created, it will always be valuable and you can make use of it for as long as you like! But if you don't have your own eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr now, make one and use our excellent blogging system to create content that will get you noticed!


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