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By Adam  |  23 Oct 2015 09:00:00

If you're somebody who sells online, then having your own eCommerce website is going to be a good idea. Whenever you do decide to start selling over your own website, you might first think to turn to Red Website Design because they are one of the most well known UK-based web design services. But, quite honestly, this is not a good choice to make if you want to get an eCommerce website; something like Sellr is much better and I'm going to use this blog post to explain why.


Red Website Design don't have any set pricing, but charge on a case by case basis. Looking around the internet, I was able to find that some people have had websites built by Red Website Design for a couple of hundred pounds which is actually a decent price, I'll give them that. But the thing is, other than a small handful of eCommerce features, that's essentially all you're getting. Red Website Design's main focus is building websites, they are not eCommerce experts and they won't provide you with any of the tools or support which will help your website to become really top notch.


If you pay for the annual 'Sellr Pro' package, which is only £199.99, then we'll also build you a website to perfectly match your specifications. This will be cheaper than what Red Website Design will give you, unless you only get the most bare bones website from them. If you stick with the ‘Sellr Pro’ package, we’ll even happily upgrade its look every now and then, if you so please. You could equally go for ‘Sellr FREE’ and then we’ll just give you some easy to use tools so that you can make an eCommerce website all by yourself.


Furthermore, Sellr is entirely based around eCommerce; we provide you with a huge list of features which will really help you to drive as many sales as possible. That's not to mention that we have a dedicated customer support team who are always waiting to offer a hand any time you have any kind of difficulty. So, if you were looking to get an eCommerce website, I hope this blog post has convinced you that Sellr is a much better option than Red Website Design. Whatever you ultimately decide, I hope that you will be able to find success on the internet.


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