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Respecting Customer Privacy

By Adam  |  26 Jul 2015 18:00:00

One thing that you as somebody who runs an independent eCommerce website should know is that it is important to respect the privacy of your customers. In today's modern age, people fear that everything they do is being recorded or followed and one advantage that you have as a small business is that you will not be associated with any of this.


It has been reported that Amazon seems to have been monitoring customers’ social media feeds. This is not going to make customers happy and will be viewed, quite simply, as an intrusion. When people browse through the internet and connect with their friends online they don't like to think that the whole world is watching and taking notes! It's for assurance on issues like this that people turn to small eCommerce businesses; people probably realise that you don't have the resources to be keeping tabs on them like this, but they probably also like to think that, if you did, you'd choose not to on moral grounds.


So keep this in mind in regards to your own eCommerce website. People will choose your independent website over a big corporation because they'll be more likely to trust you and have fewer concerns about their privacy. So be sure that you don't ask for too much information from your customers and don't try to do anything which might make them think that you're 'spying' on them. It's this extra feeling of security which will make some customers choose you over a bigger business which is kind of ironic when you consider the fact that just a few years ago, the small businesses would have been the one that caused people concern about their privacy!


So with that in mind, if you have yet to do so, why not use Sellr to create your own eCommerce site? It is completely free to use!


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