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Robotics and the World of eCommerce

By Adam  |  16 Aug 2015 12:00:00

Robotic technology is one of the more futuristic areas of science that seems to have been developing lately. If the day does eventually come, where robots are extremely commonly used and found in all areas of our society, how will it impact the world of eCommerce? Well, if you're thinking that there might be eCommerce websites for which robots are the target audience, then you'd be wrong. But if you're thinking that robots might be used in warehouses and the like for logistic reasons and so on, you'd be right!


Huge eCommerce business, Tiger Global, has just made a large thirty million dollar investment in robotics company GreyOrange. GreyOrange will then produce robots which will be used to fill logistics roles for Tiger Global. I think it's a pretty exciting piece of news, even if it won't directly impact on any of you directly (yet). Who knows what eCommerce services may later be automated by robotics? Amazon has already started working on drones to send out their deliveries. How long before that is the norm? How long before a robot packages your delivery, carries it over to a drone, and you have it before the end of the day? How long before people are shocked that it ever took longer or was done differently? It's fun to think about the future.


The world of eCommerce is growing bigger every day and it's a good time to be a part of it. With services like Sellr, anybody with a good business idea can take to the internet and create their own eCommerce website! So sign up right away and create your account for free. You could use it to turn your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality. If you work on it a little every day, you might eventually have something you can live off!


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