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RomanCart Review

By Adam  |  7 Mar 2016 12:00:00

If you want to start up your very own eCommerce website, then there is a vast array of options available to you. Sellr, Ekmpowershop, Shopify, ShopWired and many others too. But today I'd like to tell you a little about RomanCart. RomanCart has been around for many years and is used by a huge number of businesses with eCommerce websites. So if you wanted a more in-depth understanding of RomanCart, here's our review.


RomanCart is advertised as the perfect thing to turn any website into an eCommerce website and that's pretty much exactly what it is! It's compatible with sites like WordPress and gives users a good deal of freedom. If you had an existing website which you wanted to turn into an eCommerce website, RomanCart would give you that option and the number of other services out there which would allow you to do the same thing is pretty minimal. By having RomanCart as something that integrates into an existing site, it means that people can build their website exactly as they like before taking the step to make it eCommerce. This will make the website more unique which will therefore make it rank more highly in searches. Other services tend to be more about building the website from the ground up, but, really, that's not going to be the best option for everybody.


So, it gives you a check out option on your website so that people have the power to buy from you, but what else does it do? Well, it actually gives you access to a whole host of very useful marketing tools. One area in which it particularly excels is email marketing: obviously it gives you the power to send newsletters to all of your customers who have signed up for it, but it also lets you send follow-up emails to people who have already bought from you, it allows you to send auto responders (set emails which are delivered over a period of time) and much more. With so many people making regular use of their emails, this is a good way to increase sales and it's great to see such comprehensive email cover. It also takes full advantage of social media and will not only allow you to sell things directly over Facebook (remarkable) but it will also let you include an "add to basket" link to tweets, meaning you can essentially sell over Twitter too!


Overall, RomanCart offers a fantastic eCommerce service and is definitely worth considering should you ever want to start up an eCommerce website. It's only potential drawback is the fact that you have to make the site externally, which could be tricky for some people. If you are one of those people, then you should just use Sellr to create an eCommerce website instead! Between Sellr and RomanCart, everybody's eCommerce needs should be covered.


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